The Surprisingly Cheap Solution To My Tiny-Space Book Storage Woes

Posted by Abhinav Singh on

Ever since I moved into my first tiny dorm room at 18, I've been juggling two problems: too many books, and not enough room to store them. In my current bedroom, I was able to keep the storage crisis at bay through frequent KonMari purges, but eventually my bookworm ways caught up to me. I found myself out of storage space, with books piling up on my floors. I finally turned to a long-dormant solution I had first used back in college: invisible bookshelves

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My mom bought me an Umbra floating book shelf after seeing my sleeping arrangement in my sophomore bedroom. She took one look at my top bunk and became determined to supply me with the essentials in my high perch. She discovered the floating bookshelf in the bookstore, and my roommate installed it just using a regular screw driver. While text books stayed by my desk, books I read for fun lived on the bookshelf by my bed all year.

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